The Final Product Is Here Ya’ll!!!

I’m so happy right now. After about a good month of getting frustrated with trying to build this website myself, I finally have this mastered! I knew I was a genius but damn! LOL j/k…well sorta. I just sat down and said eff it….this shit has to get done….and here we are! Welcome to ya’ll! It’s Official! And the only way we’re moving in this journey is forward! Sunday December 10, 2017….This comes to life! I hope you enjoy!

18 thoughts on “The Final Product Is Here Ya’ll!!!

  1. How you doooooooooooooooooooooin?! I’ve missed you!!!
    Great job on the website. I can’t wait to see how this grows!!!

  2. Thanks dahling! Busy and Mercury retrograde is kicking my ass with weeklies this week ?

  3. I think your great, I know how hard it was to do the readings during this time. But Thank Q for doing them.
    Would like to mail you but not sure of your email… plz keep up the good work you help so many People …??

  4. I love your energy you absolutely are great and talented, truly amazing for taking time to put out free readings on YouTube. Keep it up , you silly!?

  5. I am most Proud of you! I watch and subscribed to your page. I am a Muslim Woman but you really do speak volumes to my spirit when i have questions especially about Virgos. i am a Gemini. I am in a state of mind after 24 yrs of really being married but alone and i really Thank you for ALL of ur Messages on Geminis & Virgos. Please Keep up the Great work Again I am Proud of You!

  6. You are literally the shit!! (here in eastern Pennsylvania that is good, lol)
    Please oh enlightened one, will you, can you teach us how to read the way you do????

  7. Oh yayyyy I found your website ! Love your readings ! Thank you for all the messages and for being silly ? love that energy !!!

  8. I love your you tube videos ,your fun but honest and I think your a source of inspiration to many.Thank for all your shares with some of us that’s just started the journey to inlightment ….

  9. Had an email Reading and was so impressed, looking to get a phone reading next. Have turned on a few friends to Moonchild. We love you and truly thank you for the videos, I know it take so much time and energy to do. Will be talking to you soon!

  10. Mooney,
    I am so proud of you. I love the fact that your rockin your own truth and unafraid to step into the spiritual on an elevated level. I too was gifted with this when I was young and was afraid. I thought that if I expressed my desire for tarot and things that I was in opposition to Jesus and that is Sooo untrue. I love your energy and I personally feel that Cancers have THE BEST role call intro. 🙂 Cancaaaaaaaaa!!!! YES!!!!!!! It’s so joyful and it tickles my heart. I must admit you are one of the only readers that I know that can coordinate the clothing the way you do….LOL. You represent style, color and coordination girl and I LOVE the hats. Can’t NOBODY say that Mooney don’t know how to dress. Color coordinated, pressed and ready to go!!! 🙂 Seriously, thank you sis for taking the time out to make my days wonderful. I appreciate you taking time out of your life to make others better. It’s a sacrifice that I so appreciate. Always in your corner-Dida(pronounced Deeda)

  11. Idc what kind of mood I’m in or where I am ,when I here that ? call it’s a wrap.Instant giggles and positive vibes for sure.I just need u to know how much your gift is appreciated by those of us who are subbed to your channel.

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