Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)/Terms and Conditions

Here you can see frequently asked questions, along with the terms and conditions of receiving services from Moonchild Love.

What’s your refund policy?

Once services are fully rendered (the phone consultation begins/a video is delivered), there are no refunds. Should you decide to request a refund before services begin however, you will gladly receive your refund. In addition, Moonchild Love reserves the right to refuse service to anyone; meaning should she elect to refund you because she doesn’t feel compelled to provide services for any reason, she will do so.

Why aren’t health or legal questions allowed?

Moonchild Love is not a licensed healthcare practitioner or licensed legal professional, she is not equipped to answer, discuss, diagnose, or advise on anything of this nature. In addition, all information received through a consultation with Moonchild Love, is to be considered for entertainment purposes; and should be used at your own discretion.

Does Moonchild Love see the future?

Moonchild Love does not proclaim to see the future. She only relays possible future events, per your request(s). What you choose to do with the information once received should be used at your own discretion, and is to be considered as entertainment only. These events may, or may not transpire. Moonchild Love does not guarantee any results.